What does 126 Mean for Cops?

126 for Cops meaning for the police force is Intercept suspect.

Here you can find the best, free, and most updated 126 for Cops details, meaning and additional police codes and cops codes.

126 for Cops is a police code, one of many that is used by police officers locally, nationwide and internationally, on a daily basis. You may hear about 126 for Cops on a police scanner or on one of the police tv shows running on many channels.

126 for Cops is usually not being said as it is but pronounced by the cops or dispatcher letter by letter, or digit by digit to ensure the message is transmitted over the radio, correctly and without creating confusion.

Police codes, such as 126 for Cops were developed between the years of 1937 and 1940 and in the year of 1974, were expanded by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International, known as APCO, creating a standardization in a way a message traffic is transferred.

Police officers and detectives are using police code communication, usually with the dispatch, the person who is sending the officers, according to the different events such as 126 for Cops for Intercept suspect to make sure an order and piece is set.

Police codes including 126 for Cops enable police officers and law enforcement people in the streets, to communicate with the dispatch but also with other police officers, detectives, local jails and others.

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What does 126 Mean for Cops?
126 for Cops for cops and police forces is Intercept suspect.

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